today we have a visiting author…


Before and after the Easter weekend at the end of Spring Term, I was able to spend some time with class 2 in our Church of England Infant School. First I had a lovely morning taking in my book to show them.

We talked about writing, about why I like it and some of the processes of putting a story together; from ideas to jottings, to proof reading, editing, formatting and layout.

I also took in my drawings and we talked about why I drew them the way I did, and how I saw them working with the story to help us enjoy, understand, and think about it, and they had some great ideas about them too.

Then after much discussion we sat back to read ‘My Easter Egg Hunt’ together before playtime. Such a wonderful, encouraging morning. The children asked brilliant questions and listened so attentively.

The class went on to do some work based on ‘My Easter Egg Hunt’. As you can see they worked so carefully on their ideas of what their own thank you would look like. Each one is so expressive and unique (drawing, praying, street dance, singing in church, singing thanks no matter where they are, remembering Jesus, thinking, writing)  – and these are just a small selection! Thank you class 2, I love them.

The class also wrote me book reviews, and when I went back to see what they had been busy doing they each had a chance to come and read their review to me, and we chatted about what they had liked, what they hadn’t, and what the book had made them think about. And they showed me their drawings of their favourite parts of the story.

I have to admit it was a little daunting! But class 2 you were honest, kind and thoughtful – I have really valued being able to talk with you about these things.

Again these are such a small selection, everyone’s reviews and drawings are great and I will be reading them over and over again … as I get working on the next book!