we’re all different!


It’s difficult not to get worried about bringing up my children in the world as it is right now, more than ever there seems to be such a sense of distrust and fear of anyone or anything that is different or unknown. Fear and distrust that seems to become hatred and prejudice, exclusion and neglect all too quickly.

It can feel such an uphill struggle trying to hold onto, and show our kids a different worldview, something nearer to a God-view of others.

In ‘My Jesus family’ our little girl’s best friend at church is very different to herself;

‘We look very different; she has black hair and I have blonde, and I have more freckles than her.’

and the two don’t always get on absolutely perfectly! But they are best friends, they are like sisters to each other. Our little girl values her friend’s unique gifts and her company, and it may surprise us as adults just what she sees as different between them – I love that she, just like my little one, notices the freckles!

It is so important to be able to talk openly about the fact that we are all unique, which inevitably means there will be differences between us – differences in our talents, our experiences, our looks, our strengths and our needs. ‘My Jesus family’ introduces you & your child to this little girl’s unique family in church and opens up discussions about difference, about how we are all differently able, differently gifted but each vital, each valued and invited into God’s family because of Jesus.

I wonder what conversations it will open up for you with your children?

‘My Jesus family’ is available now!