25 days & counting…

It’s 25 days till the start of lent…

I’m always full of good intentions to include my children in getting ready for Easter but never find it easy to get organised. There are some great resources available that can help us as families to get hands-on, and to focus us on prayer and acts of kindness – and there’s still time to order something! Although there are many, this year, we especially like:

good friday my easter egg huntThis year I also want to spend some time with mine thinking about why Jesus died, and I wondered if you would like to join me…

So each week of lent I will post resources that we can use. Printable crafts and activities, questions to think about together and a prayer to carry us and our little ones through lent to the celebration of Easter – all based on ‘My Easter Egg Hunt’.

You won’t need to have a copy of ‘My Easter Egg hunt’, but of course if you would like one, there’s still time to order one here before we begin!

Are you in? …


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