Lent 1 with ‘My Easter Egg Hunt’: Easter gifts


What does the word ‘Lent’ mean for our children? What does it mean for us?

Sometimes it feels rather meaningless as a Mum with little ones, and all their needs, in tow. It’s the space between pancake day and Easter eggs! Perhaps thinking of it as space is quite helpful though; space to think, space to explore and play, space to run, space to get ready… ready to celebrate the amazing truths of the Easter story.

In reality it is, practically speaking, no more actual free time or space than usual. There are all the family demands and needs, all the usual lack of energy, sleep & time I can choose what to do with! But I’m determinedly ¬†carving out a space in my thinking from now till Easter, to be intentional about making time & space for one activity & some chat each week (that’s all!) with my children & with God, about all that Good Friday, and Easter Sunday means.

So, as soon as pancakes have been enjoyed, I am planning to make some Easter gifts with my three…

Doesn’t sound hard – though I know it will be – & I know I’m going to have to keep telling myself I don’t need to beat myself up when it doesn’t happen!

2016-03-13 15.43.57

hands on!

Making Easter gifts

My three love making things; baking, painting, simple sewing & sticking, papier-mache, modelling clay, threading beads… What do yours like to do, what could be made to be wrapped as a present for someone for Easter?

I have drawn some Easter themed gift tags you can print out, colour & use.


printable gift tags HERE



Wondering together

  • what do we remember from Easter last year?
  • which parts of Easter do we like or dislike?
  • how do we feel about Easter?


2016-07-13 13.55.28

ready to read!

Reading & reflecting

Read the opening pages of ‘My Easter Egg Hunt’. Phoebe is making Easter gifts for friends and family. She is talking to her Mum about how she feels about Easter… does she feel the same as we do? Imagine what she might find out from Granny.






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