Lent 5 with’My Easter Egg Hunt’: 5. Rescuer

Lots of the stories we love have rescuers, heroes who come and save the day. When A was little he loved the superheroes, and we had quite a few little figures that he carried around with him and played rescuing with. T now has the ones we kept, and still the stories of rescue get played out. When we go to my Mum’s holiday flat, we always get a pack of those little boxes of breakfast cereal, and without fail once they are eaten these boxes get carefully peeled apart, turned inside out & glued back together (by me!) ready to become houses or blocks of flats to become scenes for just this kind of play…

But we are not at the flat! (and we are creatures of habit) So this week we will be veg printing a city scene instead…


chatting and wondering

I want to talk together about Jesus coming because we needed rescuing.

I want to wonder together about Jesus being like a superhero.

I want to ask questions together about the rescue…



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time to read

In ‘My Easter Egg Hunt’ read about Phoebe’s visit to Ah Li’s house, and find out about the Passover rescue and how that helps us understand why Good Friday is good!

Also this week, find the story of Moses and the first Passover night in a children’s Bible to read.




Lent 4 with ‘My Easter Egg Hunt’: washed clean


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hands on

One of the games mine have always loved as the weather gets that little bit warmer is taking a bundle of dolls clothes, or teddy clothes out into the garden with a generous bowl of warm soapy water to wash them.


We use some little toy shopping baskets instead of the big washing basket, and I let them take out my small basket of pegs ready to hang everything out to dry.

With dolls watching patiently in their prams and pushchairs, and a handy cup of tea at the ready for me, this can turn into quite a lovely play time!

Mine love the sensory input of the water, and the bowl is easy to opt out of as and when they need to if it gets too much. I have a towel at the ready, there is usually a lot of in and out of the water.20170219_124528


wondering and chatting

I wanted to chat together as we played, to notice the changing colour of the water as the dirt came out of the clothes, and to talk about how the clothes are much cleaner when they have been washed.

  • how do we keep our clothes clean? How do we keep our hands and bodies clean?
  • what can we do to keep our ‘heart’ (our thinking, our feelings, our choices; the things that we do & think that make us who we really are) ‘clean’ (tidy and good enough to be with God)? Does our ‘heart’ need ‘cleaning’?


We always need to take lots of time and care using picture language together (our hearts needing cleaning). I still choose to use it and take the time needed because the Bible uses this language to give us glimpses into things that are so beyond our logical explanations and our imaginations that we need the pictures!

Both T & B love learning the technical terms for the different times we use language in a non-literal way.  Metaphors (when something or someone is described as if it is something else because that helps us see things in a new way) , similies (when the sentence uses a comparison to show what something or someone is like – these don’t mean that the something or someone is exactly the same as what it is being compared with but some of the things that are the same help us understand the something or someone better) , idioms (a phrase that lots of people use knowing that it is not meant literally; the phrase might have begun being used for different reasons, like an event a community all know about, or a well known person’s way of doing things, or because of a rhyme or song that everyone knew. Idioms are more often than not a bit random, and my girls simply learn the cultural meanings as we come across each new phrase). 

Knowing the terms has helped us approach new phrases because they give these odd and difficult phrases a structured box to safely sit in to be looked at and explored. As soon as we say, ‘it’s a metaphor’ now there is a response that shows me that there is a willingness to try to understand the phrase and what might be meant (even if there may never be an understanding of WHY someone would choose to use language that way!!). ps… this is all a work in progress!



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ready to read

In ‘My Easter Egg Hunt’ read about Phoebe and her Mum stopping for lunch, and finding out that Jesus makes us clean inside and out so we can talk with God.




Lent 3 with ‘My Easter Egg Hunt’: the winner

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hands on

Sports Days with school are, on the whole, proving quite tricky and stressful for mine each year, they are just so outside the normal routine. However, I’m hoping we can have some fun this week having a few silly sports day competitions of our own – just us, in our garden.

I’m thinking egg & spoon race; biggest number of dolls & teddies that can be successfully pushed in a dolls pram or even a wheelbarrow over a certain distance; carrying water from one bucket to another – see who can transfer the most water in a set time; rolling a ball along the floor towards a target, see who gets their ball the closest; ‘balancing’along a skipping rope on the ground..who is the fastest or who can get the furthest without ‘falling off’…. nothing too serious, and I want to make sure there will be something for everyone to feel good at.

What would yours enjoy?  What challenge would they be great at?

I have designed some medals to make together too, just print colour and cut out, then add some ribbon or wool onto the back with tape.


free printable HERE



Competitions naturally give an opportunity to talk together about winning and losing, and all the feelings that come with them. I’m sure that losing or not winning a challenge isn’t easy at all for mine! It also gives an opportunity to praise different strengths and abilities, and a reminder we are all limited too.


  • what does it feel like to be the winner?
  • does it matter when we lose in a competition like this?

I want to introduce the idea that the story of Easter involves winning, but winning more than a competition, more like winning an important battle. A battle that we aren’t able to win at all. But Jesus could.

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ready to read

Read the visit to Harry’s house in ‘My Easter Egg Hunt’.

When Phoebe meets Harry, they talk together about what kind of battle Jesus fought for us and what it means to Harry that Jesus won.

Wonder together what it means for us…


Lent 2 with ‘My Easter Egg Hunt’: impossible

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hands on

We are gathering together some plant pots, some soil and a few bulbs this week. We’re going to get messy, and plant them, one each. Then we can watch them begin to grow throughout lent and on beyond Easter.

I have made some printable sleeves to colour, cut out & wrap around the pots.

We love planting for Easter, watching something grow is like a parable of new life unfolding in front of you each day. In fact we have always given seeds to ours instead of chocolate eggs… each of them has a bespoke (lovely word for DIY!) decoupage egg that their seeds get put in each year, and then they are tied with a pretty ribbon. They get plenty of chocolate eggs from relatives!


free printable HERE


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ready to read

Read about Phoebe visiting her Granny in ‘My Easter Egg Hunt’. Phoebe discovers that when Granny was young she broke a plant pot in her Dad’s greenhouse, and they explore together how sometimes things that are broken are impossible for us to fix…



  • 2016-05-24-09-59-18

    wonder together

    have you ever broken something?

  • how did it get mended?
  • Can you think of anything that can’t be mended when it is broken?
  • think about how nothing is impossible for God… think about how Jesus paid what it cost to mend what we have broken… think about how that feels.