Lent 2 with ‘My Easter Egg Hunt’: impossible

2016-03-13 15.43.57

hands on

We are gathering together some plant pots, some soil and a few bulbs this week. We’re going to get messy, and plant them, one each. Then we can watch them begin to grow throughout lent and on beyond Easter.

I have made some printable sleeves to colour, cut out & wrap around the pots.

We love planting for Easter, watching something grow is like a parable of new life unfolding in front of you each day. In fact we have always given seeds to ours instead of chocolate eggs… each of them has a bespoke (lovely word for DIY!) decoupage egg that their seeds get put in each year, and then they are tied with a pretty ribbon. They get plenty of chocolate eggs from relatives!


free printable HERE


2016-07-13 13.55.28

ready to read

Read about Phoebe visiting her Granny in ‘My Easter Egg Hunt’. Phoebe discovers that when Granny was young she broke a plant pot in her Dad’s greenhouse, and they explore together how sometimes things that are broken are impossible for us to fix…



  • 2016-05-24-09-59-18

    wonder together

    have you ever broken something?

  • how did it get mended?
  • Can you think of anything that can’t be mended when it is broken?
  • think about how nothing is impossible for God… think about how Jesus paid what it cost to mend what we have broken… think about how that feels.



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