Lent 5 with’My Easter Egg Hunt’: 5. Rescuer

Lots of the stories we love have rescuers, heroes who come and save the day. When A was little he loved the superheroes, and we had quite a few little figures that he carried around with him and played rescuing with. T now has the ones we kept, and still the stories of rescue get played out. When we go to my Mum’s holiday flat, we always get a pack of those little boxes of breakfast cereal, and without fail once they are eaten these boxes get carefully peeled apart, turned inside out & glued back together (by me!) ready to become houses or blocks of flats to become scenes for just this kind of play…

But we are not at the flat! (and we are creatures of habit) So this week we will be veg printing a city scene instead…


chatting and wondering

I want to talk together about Jesus coming because we needed rescuing.

I want to wonder together about Jesus being like a superhero.

I want to ask questions together about the rescue…



2016-07-13 13.55.28

time to read

In ‘My Easter Egg Hunt’ read about Phoebe’s visit to Ah Li’s house, and find out about the Passover rescue and how that helps us understand why Good Friday is good!

Also this week, find the story of Moses and the first Passover night in a children’s Bible to read.





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