Gift idea

Looking for those last few gifts? A contemplative colouring book will give someone the gift of space and time to reflect, think and find some ‘me time’ with God.

There is still time to order and receive ‘Angels Singing’ before Christmas.


Each beautiful illustration is presented alongside Bible verses

full of the love and hope of Christmas.

A gift for all ages.

angels singing front cover


Angels singing!

I’m very pleased to be able to let you know that my latest book – and my first contemplative colouring book – is now available!  

Colouring scripture creates safe space to rest in God’s presence.

Add to the drawings and express your thoughts and feelings, let it become a prayer.

Be reminded of the wonder and joy of Christmas; Jesus is Emmanuel – God with us.

An invitation to celebrate, contemplate and colour! 


IMG_20170821_230737_047 I have been so enjoying doing some designs for Christmas ‘contemplative colouring’ – don’t know if that’s a phrase in use already, if not I think it should be!

I find the process of doodling with a passage of scripture or a thought, or phrase from a prayer or worship song creates a space within me – and in my day – to contemplate things with God. New thoughts and insights occur to me, and I find my emotional responses to the words can be expressed in new ways.

Am so looking forward to finishing the last few that I have been putting together, and then I will be making them available through amazon, and perhaps other places too – will keep you posted!