“It makes me feel happy” – book reviews from little ones.

The book launch continues at a steady pace. Last week I was in an infant school with year 2, some of whom were at the school when I chatted with them about the ideas behind ‘So many answers’. It was great to show them the finished book and talk together about all the processes needed to get from an idea to the book being launched.

We giggled about some of the pictures, and what they reminded them of – and the times they had asked something that had that same answer!

“I like the cake one best”

“My favourite is the feet – little lovely baby feet in a heart”

answers always I love you

I had the opportunity to read the book with them. And afterwards they gave me feedback!

“It makes me feel happy”

“I’m thinking about how some things don’t feel fair”

“It reminds me about sharing”

“God loves everyone”

“Can I buy the book?”

I left them wondering and planning some writing of their own (can’t wait to go back and hear all about it), and left them with the challenge to think about other answers God sometimes gives us when we ask him things.


book launch progress report

Who’d have thought it… an author & illustrator, and I’m an introvert!

The concepts, the writing, the imagining. The doodling, drawing, editing – all of it I love. I love watching as my imaginings take shape as a book. I love watching as people read my books and enjoy.


But I’m self-publishing, and here’s where it starts to get interesting. I have to publicize, plan and get these books ‘out there’ too! And then it gets scary. I’m so out of my comfort zone.

With ‘So many answers’ I have stepped up the pace a little, and really pushed myself. I have contacted other bloggers cheekily asking if I can guest post about my book. If you missed them, I have a guest post on #includedbygrace and on #flamecreativekids I have emailed people and asked if they will write words of endorsement, have contacted Christian organisations also seeking to support Christian families to let them know my book exists and how helpful it will be for families.

‘A little book that engages with some big theology. With honesty, intelligence and humour, ‘So Many Answers!’ takes us on a journey of words and pictures to remind us that God’s love and desire for his children is unconditional, unfailing and often unexpected.’ Bishop Paul Williams

Still in the pipelines are a launch party and visits to local schools with one confirmed, and others still to approach.

2013-05-17 16.11.27

If you have read ‘So many answers’, I’d love it if you could leave a review on Amazon to let others know what you thought about it! (I told you, I really am pushing myself with this whole book launch thing!)