2016-05-16 16.39.23

Busy finding and treasuring those little in between moments where I can write. With such a lot happening in vicarage life, and life with 3 children, moments of quiet thinking time are often hard come by so they are very precious when stumbled across. I quickly get ‘squirrelling’, jotting down all the ideas that have been taking shape in the midst of the ordinariness, or working on the next bit of a drawing, picking up where I had to leave it the last time… trying to gather in as much as I can in every brief moment!

I seem to always have something on the go now I have finally put pen to paper… so at the moment there is a nearly complete book for little ones and their grown ups in the editing stage; a drawing and jotted down thoughts, the very beginning of something very new; and a nearly formed text needing drawings for another book.

2016-05-23 23.07.03

very nearly…


This is a book to help small people
and their grown ups to begin finding out what
the Bible says about why Jesus died.

Written for children, from a child’s perspective, this book will help teachers, parents, or church children’s group leaders to explore alongside children what the Bible tells us about why Jesus died, and what Good Friday means for Christians.

As well as the story the book contains key verses from the Bible for reference, and also questions and suggested activities at the end to explore the themes further.

Not just for Easter – this is a book to return to together again and again.

The proof ¬†of ‘My Easter Egg Hunt’ has arrived!

It has been held, read & re-read, I’m tweaking a few parts, adding a little … and I’m excited!

So very nearly there….soon it will be available to buy…