My Jesus Family


“Oh Cathy I really like it and your illustrations are so lovely… I like the social story feel to it.” Lynn McCann /

It’s a really good way to help younger children to understand the concept of ‘family’, and that it is not confined to those very close. The activities at the end help establish this.” Nick Harding, Children’s Ministry Adviser Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham


Written from a child’s perspective, ‘My Jesus family’ introduces us to the people who are around her in church. As we find out about them we find out that church is full of Jesus’ friends, all different, all good at different things, and all needing each other. We find out that becoming Jesus’ friend means we are made a part of his big family.


A book to help small people, and their grown ups, to begin finding out what the Bible says about church.

Just like my other books, there are ideas to continue exploring at the end of the book including Bible verses, and activity pages.


review from year 2 infants

Useful for Foundation/KS1 lessons about Christianity and what church is for Christians. ‘My Jesus family’ will start good discussions about children’s own experiences of church,  and links to Bible verses shaping a Christian understanding of church. The story celebrates difference, community and each individuals unique talents that can be used to encourage and help others.

A great story at home, opening up discussions about why we might go to church, how we are part of church and also how we feel about church – the good and the difficult. This book will help you to talk with your children about their gifts and talents and how they as a unique person are a valuable and needed part of Jesus’ big family.

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