So many answers!

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‘A little book that engages with some big theology. With honesty, intelligence and humour, ‘So Many Answers!’ takes us on a journey of words and pictures to remind us that God’s love and desire for his children is unconditional, unfailing and often unexpected.’ Bishop Paul Williams

We’re raising our children in faith, we know about prayer. We know it’s important, it’s a privilege, and God promises to always hear us. We know the Bible tells us God will always answer our prayers too – but that doesn’t feel straightforward sometimes does it!

This book will gently allow you to reflect with your children, or your children’s group, on how God always answers prayers, and how perhaps that feels when the answer we get is not what we were hoping for. This book gives us permission to chat about our questions and doubts when we are thinking about how God answers prayers, and it points us to words of truth and promise in the Bible.

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