My Easter Egg Hunt


Have you ever wondered why Good Friday is good?

This is a book to help small people and their grown ups

to begin finding out what the Bible says about

why Jesus died.

“I liked the bit with Asher because he shouted AMEN loudly.

What part did you like?” Ciaran, year 2.

“Wonderful book that’s quickly become a family favourite.” Megan, a Mummy.

“I liked when she knocked the plant pot because her Dad

showed us how much he loves her.” Euan, year 2.

eggs my easter egg hunt

‘My Easter Egg Hunt’ is a story told through a child’s eyes, full of rich detail and Bible imagery and with reference verses at the back.

Following the story there are ideas for activities that will keep you talking together and exploring why Jesus died, and what that might mean to you.

This story gets you exploring together all through the year! 

A book that is a useful tool in Key stage 1 & 2 classrooms, as a way into exploring what Christians believe and celebrate at Easter.

Full of easily accessible information, this book does not short change our inquisitive, ‘full of questions’children! 

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